The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year, and to take full advantage of the venue, it takes place prior to the NFFF Ball.

This event is your chance as an NFFF member to share your opinions and have a say in the decisions affecting the NFFF.  It’s a chance to meet the full Board, put a face to a name, and in particular, meet your area representative.

You will have the opportunity leading up to the AGM to have a say about who sits on the Board, you can even nominate someone new.  You will be asked to give your opinion on motions that have been submitted for resolution at the meeting; these are important decisions which impact on how the NFFF is run.  It is also the opportunity to be updated on the past 12 months, to find out who sits on what committee; who we have on our list of trainers; what has been happening throughout the year; and to see a copy of the annual report which informs all of this plus lots more.

This meeting is the most important one in the NFFF calendar.  Come along and get involved in the decisions that affect your Federation.

NFFF President