The Ultimate Buble Show


Mark Daniels is the UK’s leading Michael Bublé tribute artiste – it’s his full time job and passion.

 Following a hugely successful 2016 show tour, Ultimate Bublé is taking the UK theatre circuit by storm with the largest Michael Bublé theatre show of it’s kind

 Mark’s charismatic nature, powerful vocals and boyish charm, are all perfectly packaged in true

tuxedo style. A sleek, polished performance with a top coat of class and sophistication.

 In amongst a croony repertoire of pop standards, expect some show stopping, spontaneous banter as Mark effortlessly hands out doses of unrehearsed humour and wit that you would expect from Michael Bublé himself.

 On stage, expect to see lots of laughs, great humour and admirable camaraderie between Mark and his band. Backed by some of the finest musicians in the country, this line up is an absolute musical powerhouse.

 “I heard Mark was good but that is an understatement! More like bloody brilliant! Between him and the band it’s definitely a show I would watch again!”